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Recommended Supplies

Here is a list of recommended items for all of my students. Some you will need for your lessons, others are things that will assist you in your practice. I've indicated the instrument that each item is for and its priority level for acquiring.
Dunlop Nylon Guitar Picks


Top Priority - Guitar

Guitar picks comes in various shapes, textures,  colors and sizes. I recommend the Dunlop Nylon picks. They have a subtle texture that keeps them from slipping out of your hand. I use the .60mm & .73mm. They are easy to lose so I recommend grabbing a pack of them to start

Snark Guitar & Bass Tuner


Top Priority - Guitar & Bass

Keeping your instrument in tune is absolutely essential. There are all kinds of tuners on the market that work just fine - including apps you can download onto your phone. I recommend a tuner that clips onto the headstock of your guitar/bass - it's always there when you need it! I've been using the Snark brand for several years - they're inexpensive and get the job done

Guitar Capo - Thalia Brand

03. CAPO

Medium Priority - Guitar

A capo is a great device that can serve a couple purposes: change the key of a song or assist in the playing of challenging chords in the earlier stages. There are many styles and colors. I recommend a Kyser capo for electric & acoustic. If you are using a classical guitar, you will need a capo designed for classical guitars.

D'Addario Auto Lock Strap


Medium Priority - Guitar & Bass

Straps help keep your instrument stable when sitting - and they're absolutely essential for playing while standing. There are all kinds of straps available. I like the D'Addario Auto-Lock straps - they have built in locks, so the strap won't detach itself from the guitar by accident. Some guitars don't work with all straps, so if you're confused, please send a message!

Donner Music Stand


Medium Priority - Guitar & Bass

I always recommend that my students have a stand for their sheet music. It keeps it in front of you at eye level, and gets you used to looking straight ahead, because you'll be doing that on stage right? :) Donner makes one that includes a travel bag, light and a clip to keep your pages from blowing away.

Hal Leonard Guitar & Bass Method Books


As Needed - Guitar & Bass

We'll be working on all kinds of music in our lessons, but I also like to work out of a method book for note reading. I use the Hal Leonard Guitar Method 1 for guitar students and the Hal Leonard Bass Method 1 for bass students. I recommend grabbing the one that applies to your instrument.

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Guitar Stand


Medium Priority - Guitar & Bass

Having a stand for your instrument is great for 2 reasons: 1. It protects your guitar when you need to set it down temporarily, 2. When your guitar is visible (not in its case) you'll see it and want to play it more often! There are all kinds of stands, from wall mounts to ones that hold multiple instruments. I recommend the Fender one linked below for guitar and bass

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